Company history

The GST Steel Group originated from the GST Steel Gdansk (Poland), which is active since 1993. In August 2007, the GST Steel AG was founded as holding company and started its operative activities three months later. As parent company it owns several foreign, legally and organisationally independent subsidiaries.

With the entry on 8th August 2011 GST Steel AG got a new name, GST Service AG, and a new logo. This change of name underlines the company’s realignment as straight service company offering commercial services. The operational business is performed by our subsidiaries at numerous European locations.

Franz Josef Schübbe is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of GST Steel AG. He is a management expert and has proven his skills by being a successful executive in different scaffolding companies before. He has 40 years of professional experience in the business.


Our philosophy

1. Customer satisfaction

Your satisfaction and your success is our goal. That is why we are pleased to provide you with help and advice from planning up to the completion.

2. Safety and security

The safe scaffold is the first step towards successful implementation and indispensable for the protection of your craftsmen and our employees. Therefore, we observe the highest safety standards.

3. Experience and specialisation

We are a well practised team. Our commercial employees are highly qualified and engaged. Just as our technical staff are specialists in their fields with many years of experience on huge construction sites at home and abroad.

4. Flexibility and efficiency

The latest office communication and sophisticated transport technology are part of our efficient organisation. As holding company we can delegate the complete personnel of the GST group and ensure that we have proper staff on each construction site at any time.

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